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Unity Fellowship Church of Columbia

God is Love and Love is for Everyone

K.O.C. Ministry

Knight's of Chivalry 

Service and Social Justice

Knight's Chivalry Ministry is dedicated to the service of social justice through fellowship with bipoc and lgbtqia+ persons who embody the chivalrous culture of servanthood.  Iron sharpens iron, contact us and request more information about this ministry.

Couples Ministry

Couples Ministry is a chance for a healthy and supportive dialogue shared within married or committed romantic relationships. We often host events, engage in progressive conversations, and certainly dive into the inspired word of God.

Meditation Moment

Meditation can change your life!  Weekly Meditation Moment provides rejuvenation and renewal.  A 30-minute reset moment can be life changing.  Come and get involved!

YAYA Ministry


Youth and Young Adults

All youth are welcome to join in! We have a ton of fun stuff going on here. We get to learn about WWJD while exploring creative methods of expression.

L.I.F.E. Teams

Bible Study & Spiritual Development

What an exciting group to be apart of!  This is the opportunity when you start setting yourself up for a lifetime commitment of fellowship through love and positive engagement.

Our weekly bible study provides individuals the chance to study God's liberated word, one revelation or enlightenment at a time.  We break it down, engage in honest reflective dialogue, and understand the loving word of God together.